Monday, March 27, 2006

Fourth Week after Lent. "Words of life - On the Margin of the Missal" by Dom Columba Marmion

Primordial disposition of Christ Jesus: to seek the glory of His Father
St. Paul tells that the first throb of the soul of Jesus on entering into this world was one of infinite intensity towards His Father. We see Him like a giant, rejoice to run the way, in pursuit of the glory of His Father. This is His primal disposition. "I seek not My own will, but the will of Him that sent Me." To the Jews, He proves that He comes from God, that His doctrine is divine, because He seeks the glory of Him that sent Him (Gospel of the Mass). He seeks it to such a degree that He has no solicitude of His own. He has ever these words upon upon His lips: "My Father"; His whole life is but the magnificent echo of this cry:Abba, Pater. All for Him is summed up in seeking the will and the glory of His Father. And what constancy in this search! He Himself declares to us that he never deviated from it: "I do always the things that please [My Father]"; at the supreme hour of His last farewell, at the moment when about to deliver Himself up to death, He tells us that all the mission He had received from His Father was accomplished.