Saturday, February 04, 2012

St Andrew Corsini, OCarm

"This Andrew was born at Florence, of the noble family of Corsini. His birth was a special answer to prayer, and his parents vowed him to the Blessed Virgin. God foreshewed even before his birth what he was to be. While his mother was great with child she dreamt that she brought forth a wolf, which ran to the Carmelite Church and was changed into a lamb as soon as it reached the porch. The boy was brought up in godliness and learning becoming his rank, but turned to bad courses ; whereupon his mother often rebuked him. Nevertheless, when he knew how his parents had vowed him to the Maiden Mother of God, the love of God touched his heart, and the vision of his mother moving him, he betook himself to the Institute of the Carmelites. In that place the devil exercised him with many and divers temptations, but could not break him off from his determination to profess as a friar. He was soon after sent to Paris, where he finished his studies at the University, and took his degree ; after which he returned to his own country, and was set over the houses of his order in Tuscany". From Breviary Lesson"

May this short biography of St Andrew Corsini  offers  hope and encouragement to pious mothers praying for their children.