Thursday, June 23, 2011

Feast of Corpus Christi - click to read more

"Blessed art thou that hast believed" (Luke 1:45)
"Blessed are they that have not seen, and have believed." (Jn 20:29)
"My Lord, and my God" (Jn 20:28)
"Increase our faith" (Luke 17:5)

"The Eucharistic presence of Jesus in us is limited to the brief moments while the sacred species last, and ceases as soon as these disappear. However, Jesus expressly said, "He that eateth My Flesh and drinketh My Blood abideth in Me and I in him (Jn 6:57). Now the word "abide" does not signify a passing visit, but is expressive of a stable, permanent state. Hence, from Our Lord's own words, we can see that our union with Jesus continues even after the sacred species are consumed. And this is the literal truth. First, union with the divinity of Jesus does not cease, since the three divine Persons dwell continually in souls in the state of grace; but there is also certain enduring union with His humanity. Even when Christ in His sacred humanity is no longer substantially present in the one who has received Holy Communion, He is there by the influence of His operative presence and by effusion of His grace." (Ven Gabriel of St Mary Magdalene, OCD)