Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Blessed Virgin and the Priesthood

When God decided to become man in his Son, He needed the freely-spoken yes of one of his creatures. God does not act against our freedom. And something truly extraordinary happens: God makes himself dependent on the free decision, the yes of one of his creatures; he waits for this yes. St Bernard of Clairvaux explained dramatically in one of his homilies this crucial moment in universal history when Heaven, earth and God himself wait for what this creature will say. Mary's yes is therefore the door through which God was able to enter the world, to become man. So it is that Mary is truly and profoundly involved in the Mystery of the Incarnation, of our salvation. And the Incarnation, the Son's becoming man, was the beginning that prepared the ground for the gift of himself; for giving himself with great love on the Cross to become Bread for the life of the world. Hence sacrifice, priesthood and Incarnation go together and Mary is at the heart of this mystery. (Pope Benedict XVI, General Audience, August, 2009)

Picture: Jacopo Bellini's Madonna with the Child