Monday, April 05, 2010


"If a soul seeks for God, her Beloved seeks for her even more. (St John of the Cross, "Living Flame of Love, 3:28)

Mary sought with much love, and lo! the Lord Himself seeks her, and seeks her calling, "Mary!" Although He has risen gloriously, Jesus is always the Good Shepherd who knows His sheep individually; and He "calleth His own ship by name....and the sheep follow Him because they know his voice" (Jn 10:3,4). When Mary hears her name, she recognizes the Lord and cries: "Raboni! Master!"

Once again, Mary is at the feet of Jesus, her favourite place. She wanted to clasp those sacred feet again and remain there in loving contemplation, but Jesus said to her gently: "Do not touch Me!" Without doubt the Lord reveals Himself to the soul that seeks Him, but at the same time he always remains God, the Most High, and Inaccessible. Although admitted to divine intimacy, the soul should not lose the sense of the transcendence of God, and of the infinite distance that lies between the creature and the Creator, between the one who is not and the One who is. 
"Whom seekest thou?" It is to each one of us, as to Mary Magdalene, that Jesus addresses this question today. Can we reply that we are seeking Him alone? Jesus appeared to Mary who "loved Him much" before appearing to the other holy women. If we wish to find the Lord quickly, we must love Him much and seek Him with great love.