Thursday, February 04, 2010

Octave of the Feast of Purification - days to meditate on the virtue of obedience

Octave of the Feast of Purification and Presentation of Our Lord in the temple gives us precious moments to see the virtue of obedience through the eyes of Carmelite Saints. We may ask ourselves how obedient we are to God in our spiritual and temporal duties, do we seek God's will always, and try to answer these questions honestly.


If you love, you will keep my commandments (John 14:15)

Jesus answered him, "It is written, One does not live by bread alone (Luke 4:4)

She does not rejoice except in God, nor hope in anything other than God; she fears only God and has no sorrow unless in relation to Him. And likewise all her appetites and care go out only to God. (St John of the Cross)

We shouldn't care at all about not having devotion - as I have said - but we ought to thank the Lord who allows us to be desirous of pleasing Him, even though our works may be weak. This method of keeping Christ present with us is beneficial in all stages and is a very safe means of advancing (St Teresa)

We do not bargain when we love, Jesus teaches me not to refuse Him anything and to be pleased when He gives me an opportunity for proving to Him that I love Him. I do this peacefully, with complete abandonment (St Therese)

I no longer feel the need of denying myself the solace of affection, because my heart is firmly established in God. Now that my whole heart is His, it has become enlarged, and I am able to love those dear to me with a love incomparably greater than if it had sprung from a selfish, sterile affection. (St Therese)

The picture represents drawing by Rembrandt "Presentation of the Lord in the Temple"