Friday, July 10, 2009

Carmelite Saints and Devotion to Mary, Queen, Flower and Beauty of Carmel - St Teresa

"Let us go to the shepherdess...
Is she a relative of the Mayor?
Or who is the maiden?
God the Father's daughter,
Glowing starlike". (3: 391)


I sought out solitude to pray my devotions, and they were many, especially the Rosary, to which my mother was very devoted, and she made us devoted to it too. (I:55,56)

I remember that when my mother died when I was twelve years old...When i began to understand what I had lost, I went, afflicted, before an image of Our Lady and besought her with many tears to be my mother. It seems to me that although I did this in simplicity it helped me (1:56)

I have found favour with this sovereign Virgin in everything I have asked of her, and in the end she has drawn me to herself (1:56)

If there should be anything good in this work, may it be for the honour and glory of God and the service of His most Blessed Mother, Our Lady and Patroness whose habit I wear. (2:28)

What a marvelous thing, that He who would fill a thousand worlds and many more with His grandeur would enclose Himself in...the womb of His most Blessed Mother. (2:144)

If only they [some learned men] could learn something from the humility of the most Blessed Virgin! (2:311)

With greater reason might He have complained to His Mother and our Lady when she was at the foot of the cross, and...suffering in her most holy soul and dying a harsh death; it always consoles us more to complain to those who we know feel our trials and love us more. (3:241)

Souls easily conquered...must take His Blessed Mother and His Saints as intercessors so that these intercessors might fight for them. (2:293)

In spite of all her wisdom she asked the angel:"How can this be?" but after he answered, "The Holy Spirit will come upon you; the power of the Most High will overshadow you", she engaged in no further discussions. As one who had such great faith and wisdom, she understood at once that if these two intervened, there was nothing more to know or doubt. (2:253)

I can boast only of His mercy, and since I cannot cease being what I have been, I have no other remedy than to approach His mercy and to trust in the merits of His Son and of the Virgin, His Mother. (2:305)

You have such a good Mother. Imitate her and reflect that the grandeur of Our Lady and the good of having her for your patroness must be indeed great. (2:305-306)

Jesus is too good a companion for us to turn away from Him and His blessed Mother. (2:403)

She was firm in the faith; she knew Him more than [the disciples] did, she did so with such perfection. (2:404)

It is important to know that Our Lord is pleased with any service rendered to His Mother, and great is His mercy. (3:147)

It is her custom to favour those who want to be protected by her. (3:218)

We were happy to be able to serve in some way our Mother, and Patroness (3:276)

She is our Lady and our Patroness. And this for me was one of the great joys and satisfactions of my life (3:279)

All citation from "The Completed works of St Teresa" vols 1, 2, 3.