Saturday, May 02, 2009

Saturday - Day of Our Lady

More reflection from the "Summa Simplified" on Mary, the Virgin Mother of God

The Child conceived in Mary is the most perfect Child in the world ever known. Because the active principle in the generation of Christ was God Himself, the body of Christ was perfectly formed from the first moment of its existence. it had a rational soul. The Son of God assumed this body at the very moment of the infusion of the rational soul. In this way, Mary is the Mother of God from the first instant of the conception of Christ in the womb. In fact, if it were otherwise, Mary would not be the Mother of God, but the of a human being who was later assumed by the Son of God.

In addition, Christ was, as we have already seen, spiritually perfect. He possessed, from the first moment of His existence, the absolute fullness of the beatific vision of God. He possessed infused knowledge, and hence was capable of free acts of His will. Hence, too, He was capable of meriting grace and redemption for men from the very beginning of His existence as man.

Mary is truly the Mother of God. When we consider the absolutely infinite perfection of God, the obvious humanity of Mary and the no less obvious humanity of her Son, Christ, this might seem a startling statement. But it is none the less true. When any mother gives birth to a child, she gives birth not only to a human nature but also to a person who exists in that human nature. We do not say that Mrs Smith is the mother of a human nature. We say that she is the mother of John Smith, or of Richard Smith, or of Helen Smith. In other words, we say that she is the mother of the persons to whom she gave a human nature. So, also, in the Incarnation we do say simply that Mary is the Mother of the human nature of Christ. We say, and rightly, that she is the Mother of the Person Who exists in the human nature, of the Person of Whom she gave that human nature. Since that Person is God, the Son of God, we say rightly that Mary is the Mother of God. This Divine Maternity is the greatest of Mary's privileges and the source of all her other divinely given privileges.

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