Saturday, August 23, 2008

Saturday - Day of Our Lady

Our Lord Appearance - The Blessed Virgin speaks

Such as my Son is in Heaven you cannot behold. But hear what He was in body in the world. He was so beautiful of countenance that no one looked Him in the face without being consoled by His aspect, even if heartbroken with grief. The just were consoled with spiritual consolation; and even the bad were relieved from worldly sadness as long as they gazed upon Him. Hence, those in grief were wont to say: "Let us go and see Mary's Son; we shall be relieved for that time." In His twentieth year He was perfect in manly strength and stature. Amid those of modern times He would be large, not fleshy, but of large frame and muscle. His hair, eyebrows, and beard were of a light brown, His beard a hand's width long. His forehead not prominent or retreating, but erect. His nose moderate, neither small nor large; his eyes were so pure that even His enemies delighted to look upon Him; His lips not thick, but clear red. His chin was not prominent or over long, but graceful in beautiful moderation. his cheeks modestly fleshy, His complexion clear white and red. His bearing erect, and His whole body spotless. (Lib. iv., c.70)

Text after St Bridget 'Revelations', and the picture is beautiful crown image of Polish Madonna from Rokitno - with blessings to my fellows Poles visiting the blog.