Saturday, July 05, 2008

The life of Blessed Virgin with St Joseph

The Blessed Virgin speaks:
Know most certainly that before he married me, Joseph knew in the Holy Ghost, that I had vowed my virginity to my God, and was immaculate in thought, word, and deed, and that he espoused me with the intention of serving me, holding me in the light of a sovereign mistress, not a wife. And I knew most certainly in the Holy Ghost that my perpetual virginity would remain intact, although by a secret dispensation of God I was married to a husband. But when I had consented to the annunciation of God, Joseph, seeing my womb increase by the operation of the Holy Ghost, feared vehemently; not suspecting anything amiss in me, but remembering the sayings of the prophets, foretelling that the Son of God should be born of a virgin, deeming himself unworthy to serve such a mother, until the angel in a dream ordered him not to fear, but to minister unto me in charity.
Of worldly things Joseph and I reserved naught to ourselves, except the necessities of life for the honour of God, distributing the rest for the love of God. When the time of my Son's nativity approached, I came according to the foreknowledge of God to Betlehem, bringing a most clean dress and clothes for my Son, which no one had ever used. In these I first wrapped Him who was born of me in all purity, and although from all eternity I was ordained to sit on the highest throne and honour, yet in my humility, I did not disdain to prepare and minister what was necessary for Joseph and myself. (Lib 7, c 35)

Picture is "The wedding of the Blessed Virgin and St Joseph"
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