Wednesday, June 04, 2008


I thought, this month posting should be concentrated on the virtue of charity in compliance with June as the Month of Sacred Heart of Jesus. Therefore, I invite all who like to read this blog to meditate with me on fragments from one chapter of the little book entitled  'My Way of Life'. This is the pocket edition of St Thomas 'The Summa Simplified for Everyone' and lovely little book indeed - I hope it will serve the purpose nicely. 

Did you ever received a package wrapped in gaily coloured paper and tied with bright ribbons and marked "DO NOT OPEN UNTIL CHRISTMAS"? Do you remember the thrill of happiness you felt as you recognized the name of the sender inscribed in the upper left corner of the package? the name someone you loved, of someone who loved you ? Can you recall your heart's delight as it floated along on clouds of mystery, wondering what was in the package? Or, if you thought you knew, how heart rejoiced in this proof of someone's love for you! With what eager but certain anticipation you treasured the gift until Christmas day when you could strip away the mysterious wrappings and really see the wonderful thing that love had brought you!
The virtue of charity is like a Christmas gift of this kind. It is a proof of God's love for you. It is the foundation of your love for God. It brings you God Himself. But, as long as you are still in this present life, it brings you God wrapped up in the paper and ribbons of faith and marked "Not to be opened until eternity".
Charity brings God to man because it is man's friendship with God. Like all friendship it is a love of benevolence, that is, it is an unselfish love. Charity loves God for Himself. It does not seek any selfish gain or advantage. It rests in God as the supreme Good. Again, like all friendships, charity is based on a community of interests or of living. Through charity  God gives to man a share in the Divine Life, and, therefore, a share of happiness. God's happiness is His love of His own infinite goodness and perfection. Charity brings man's share in God's own happiness. As God is happy in the love of Himself, so man is happy when he shares in that love through charity.