Saturday, June 02, 2007

Spiritual Vessel, pray for us!

This invocation is in the group of three: "Mirror of justice", "Seat of Wisdom" and "Cause of our joy" - they all refer beautifully to each other . We invoke Our Lady as "Mirror of justice" - for she is the spiritual vessel of justice based on faith. Faith makes us spiritual by elevating thoughts and actions into heavenly places, enabling to look at all and refer to all in spiritual manner. The life of Our Lady was most spiritual and filled with faith. Tertulian says Eve brought death on earth for she put her trust - breaking God's commandment - in deceitful words of perfidious serpent; but Mary, Our Queen brought salvation, for she put her trust in the words spoken by Angel". How faithful she was to Our Lord and His Divinity! He appeared to her as a little, helpless baby born in the most humble surroundings. She put all trust and faith in her newborn baby although she needed take care of and provide Him in all necessities. Keeping little Jesus in her arms, she had no doubts in His Almightiness, Wisdom and Holiness. For more than thirty years she did not need any miracle to believe in Him. How true are St Elisabeth's words: "Blessed art thou that hast believed because those things shall be accomplished that were spoken to thee by the Lord" (Luke 1:45). Our Lady was granted the most severe trial of faith during Jesus' Passion. Jerusalem rejected Him, people verbally and physically abused Him, Pharisees calumniated Him as deceiver and traitor. Even His disciples had second thoughts about their Master. Only His mother was the rock of unshaken faith. She is our example, and because of this we need to have recourse to her in all trials send by God. Let us stay strong in faith when we find some traces of human weakness in religion, errors in careless Christians and religious. See always remains magnificent even if we find quite repugnant things left on the shore after tide. Our Holy Church and Catholic religion is the most magnificent child of God, and some human weaknesses and misery cannot defile it. Let us be like Our Lady, spiritual vessels full of humble and unshaken faith: " Watch ye, stand fast in the faith, do manfully, and be strengthened". (1 Cor 16:13).

Picture today is "The Virgin and the Child" Cuzco School, 19th century