Tuesday, May 08, 2007


St. Bernard (1153) -
"If you follow Mary

You will not swerve from the right path;
If you pray to Her, you will not fall into despair;
If She holds you, you will not fall;
If She protects you, you need not fear;
If She leads you, you will never weary; and
If She befriends you, you will be safe".

St.Alphonsus in "The Glories of Mary" says -
In the times of the Old Testament, friends, God saved the people through great leaders and prophets. He raised up Moses to lead the people out of the land of Egypt and into the Promised Land. He raised up Jonah to save the Ninevites from their sins. He raised up Judith to save the Israelites from Holofernes and his army. In times of peril, in times of sinfulness and idolatry, at all times God was with His people and protected and guided them through His prophets. How much more is this true in these latter times, my dear friends, when God provides us with His very own Mother to rescue us from so many dangers and to guide through the storm to salvation. What a sweet assurance this is to have as our protector and guide one who has such a motherly compassion for all mankind! How foolish those who superciliously reject this necessary aid that God has provided for our salvation! As in the Old Testament, those who refused to listen to the prophets, those who laughed at Noah and his Ark, those who failed to heed the admonitions of Moses, Isaias, Jonas, Daniel, Jeremiah, etc..., just as assuredly as those people perished in their day, so too will we perish in our day if we fail to listen to the admonitions of the Mother of God in her apparitions and if we fail to seek Her aid and be devoted to Her.

We must heed her requests and pleas made known so recently at La Salette, Lourdes, and Fatima. We must pray the Rosary daily and spread and foster devotion to this kind Mother, who tenderly but firmly rebukes the debauchery of the human race and so powerfully intercedes to obtain our salvation. We hope that you all will increase your devotion to Mary, the Mother of God, during this Her month of May. As the people begged Moses to pray to God to turn away His wrath from them, so we must rush to Mary to confidently implore this tender Mother to save us from the chastisement we so richly deserve. "It is impossible for a client of Mary, who is faithful in honoring and recommending himself to her, to be lost", says St. Alphonsus.

Text after Our Lady of the Rosary Library