Tuesday, March 27, 2007


As I cannot break from the world and live in solitude, give me at least solitude of heart....Solitude and silence are so precious.....I realise that one can enjoy interior solitude and silence, for what can distract a heart possessed by love? Noise reaches no further than the surface, deep down there is only Him! And He alone can satisfy our hearts....
Exterior silence is not the most necessary, in certain circumstances it is even impossible. The soul's resource is to take refuge within itself, in that interior solitude which alone is necessary for union with God. But outward silence must be sought as much as possible, because it helps interior silence and normally leads to it; the love of silence leads to the silence of love. God in me and I in Him, that is my life!....but for the vision, we always possess Him as the Blessed do in Heaven. How wonderful is this presence of God in us, in the inner sanctuary of one's soul! There we always find Him.....Let us try never to leave Him alone, so that our lives may be an unceasing prayer.

after "Reflections - Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity from her writings".