Saturday, June 23, 2007


I took part today in Martyrs Walk, 3 miles long pilgrimage, to commemorate Reformation Martyrs, in particular St Thomas Moore and St John Fisher. The walk was organised by lay apostolate group, Miles Jesu (Latin for 'Soldiers of Jesus') and we all enjoyed very interesting talks given at particular places of interst by Joanna Bogle, well known Catholic writer and broadcaster. I think we all had a great time and it was well worth to come and join around hundred of faithful Catholics who prayed in honour of great British Martyrs and Saints who served God first.

We met inside the Memory Garden Square, opposite Tower Hill at the very spot of gallows location where Martyrdom of many English Catholics took place.

We proceeded towards Soho Square and our first stop was at the St Olave's Church:

On Cornhill Street we stopped in front of the oldest Church in London, St Peter on Cornhill. The Church was established when England was still called Britannia and part of Roman Empire:

On our way we visited St Lawrence Jewry Church situated in the former Jewish financial quarter and the place of early Christian Martyrs. Behind the Church can be seen London Guildhall building, all built in semicircle, at the place where the excavations for London underground line discovered the site of small, Roman times replica of Coliseum:

Our next stop was at Greyfriars, where once stood Franciscan Monastery and Church, which was destroyed by London fire in 1666. In the Monastery Church, King Henry VIII and his children were Baptised and his first marriage to Catherine of Aragon took place. Many Franciscan Friars were martyred however, during infamous times of Reformation.

We had a lunch break in the middle of London City at the spot of Friars Church's nave while listening to Fr Schofield talk about Franciscan Martyrs.

We reached the Soho Square at 4 pm and participated in the Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament in the beautiful St Patrick's Church. After Benediction we enjoyed refreshments in the Soho Square on this lovely Saturday afternoon.

We reached Tyburn Convent in the late afternoon and participated in Nuns Verspers and Mass.

Once prediction was made that at the place of Tyburn gallows where so many Catholics were hanged, their bodies quartered and drawned, the religious house would be built, and the above plate situated at the front wall of Tyburn Convent says us about it. I encourage all London Catholics to join the Walk next year. May God, through the intercession of St Thomas Moore, St John Fisher and all English Martyrs, bless those who realised this wonderful idea and participated in the Walk.