Friday, October 03, 2008

Feast of ST Therese of Lisieux

Devotion to the Holy Rosary is the spiritual hallmark of the month of October. Therefore to celebrate with loving meditation the Feast of St Therese I thought of posting some of her quotes listed for the Fifth Joyful Mystery, Finding Jesus in the Temple, and gathered under the title - 'Piety' - in the book 'Sermon in the Sentence'.

You must be perfect as your heavenly father is perfect - Matt 5:48

The way of spiritual childhood, is the only means to make rapid progress in love and the only way by which saints are made.

Our Lord has one great weakness. He is blind and knows nothing about arithmetics. He does not know how to add. But to blind Him and prevent Him to add the smallest sum you must take Him by His heart. This is His weak spot.

Take Jesus by His Heart...It is this way that I took hold of the good Lord and that is why I shall be well received by Him. (c66).

Practice all the virtue and so always lift up your little foot to mount the ladder of holiness. (c69).

The Good Lord does not demand more from you than good will....He looks at you with Love. Very soon, won over by your useless efforts, He will come down and take you in His arms. He will carry you up .(c69).

More love is required of those who have received more. Hence, I do my best to make my love one act of love .(c146).

Live in one great act of perfect love. (c152).

Words are not enough. In order to be truly a victim of love, we must give ourselves entirely. We shall be consumed by love to the extent that we surrender to love.

I know that there are Saints who spent their lives practicing extraordinary mortifications....but after all there are many mansions in the house of Our Heavenly Father. Jesus told us so and that is why I follow the way He has traced out for me. (c143).

The best rule is that we shoud follow what love inspires us to do from moment to moment, with the sole desire of pleasing the good Lord in everything He asks of us. (c143).